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Before Surgery

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Initial Clinic Visit

  • Our offices schedules surgery and gives patient a letter with steps to follow to prepare for surgery
  • Within a few days, patient makes appointment with a Primary Care Physician who must be on staff at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. If they are not on staff, contact “Doctors of the North Shore” Physicians to make an appointment at 847-967-5010.
  • Patient must see a Primary Care Physician 3-4 weeks before surgery or surgery may be cancelled
  • If patient has a history of cardiac issues, they need to see their Cardiologist prior to seeing the Primary Care Physician
  • If the patient is going to a Rehab facility after surgery, they need to choose the location and make a reservation
  • If patient is a SINGLE joint replacement and on Medicare:
    • Patient will receive a phone call from an IBJI Physical Therapist prior to their surgery to arrange an at-home preoperative evaluation to begin planning their physical therapy needs.

6 Weeks Before Surgery

  • Go to LifeSource location for blood donation if indicated on the letter given to the patient by our office when surgery is scheduled. Blood is good for 42 days. Donate first unit for bilateral total knee replacement or total hip replacement  (See Blood Donation for more information)

4 Weeks Before Surgery

  • Patient goes to Physician for preoperative physical and testing
  • Complete lab work: urinalysis, blood chemistry, blood count, PT/INR and MRSA screening
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Possible Stress Test
  • Patient begins to take oral iron supplement
    • “Solgar” available at DME Services at IBJI on first floor
    • "Slow Fe" available at pharmacies. Take one tablet daily.
    • If unable to find “Solgar” or “SlowFe,” any over-the-counter Iron Supplement with 45-65mg Iron or 325mg Ferrous Sulfate will be acceptable.

2 Weeks Before Surgery

  • Stop all vitamins, minerals and supplements
  • Stop taking NSAID’s and blood thinners unless discussed with Dr. Goldstein’s staff
  • Physician Assistant (PA) appointment at IBJI

1 Week Before Surgery

  • Wash surgical knee or hip with Hibiclens soap soap DAILY (Hibiclens is available at DME Servies 1st floor or at any pharmacy). NOTE: This is necessary to help prevent infection and if you fail to follow these steps, your surgery will be cancelled.
    • Knees: wash the area from mid-thigh to ankle
    • Hips: wash the area from the waist to the knee
  • Office begins insurance calls to pre-certify coverage

Day before Surgery

  • Hospital will call with final instructions and time to arrive at hospital on day of surgery

Blood Donation

Blood DonationPrior to your surgery, you may need to donate your own blood (autologous) or have someone donate for you who has the same blood type (donor-directed). If neither of these options will work for you, the hospital can also give you blood from their blood bank.

To schedule your blood donation before surgery call Lifesource at 847-299-7386.  You can choose any Lifesource location to attend for your donation. Each unit must be donated 7-10 days apart. The last donation you give should be 8 days or more prior to your surgery.  If you are unable to donate, please notify our office at 847-324-3913 to let us know so that we can send Lifesource a “donor-directed” form.

Based on your type of surgery, please follow these directions in how many units of blood will be needed.

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