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Blood Donation

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Prior to your surgery, you may need to donate your own blood (autologous) or have someone donate for you who has the same blood type (donor-directed). If neither of these options will work for you, the hospital can also give you blood from their blood bank.

Surgery Number of Units Needed
Knee Replacement (one knee) None
Knee Replacement (two knees) 2
Knee Revision 1 - 2
Hip Replacement (one hip) 2
Hip Replacement (two hips) 3 - 4
Hip Revision 1 - 3

To schedule your blood donation before surgery call Lifesource at 847-299-7386.  You can choose any Lifesource location to attend for your donation. Each unit must be donated 7-10 days apart. The last donation you give should be 8 days or more prior to your surgery.  If you are unable to donate, please notify our office at 847-324-3913 to let us know so that we can send Lifesource a “donor-directed” form.

Donated blood is good for 42 days prior to the date of your surgery.

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